Jamo Studio S 606 kersen

Jamo Studio S 606 kersen - Zuilspeaker



3-way, floorstanding bass reflex speaker
1″ WaveGuide tweeter
Two 5″ midrange
8″ side-mounted woofer

The S 606 is the most recent addition to the highly successful S 600 series of Jamo speakers. Combine a pair of these with a Jamo subwoofer like the SUB 250 and you have a very potent, stylish system.

With its great high gloss black, black ash, white ash, or dark apple finish and attractive design, the S 606 floorstanding speaker fits in beautifully with the other S 600 home theater components.

S 606

The S 606 is a 3-way bass reflex speaker, which consists of a 1-inch tweeter that features WaveGuide Technology and two 5-inch midrange drivers to ensure strong, clear vocals and instrumentation, while the 8-inch side-mounted woofer delivers a deep, thunderous bass. The S 606 front speaker is fully equipped for optional bi-wiring and bi-amplification and comes with spikes.

The Jamo S 606 comes in mirror-image pairs for the best possible acoustic interaction with your listening room. Plus, you can fit them with spikes or tune them up with bi-wiring to tweak the sound further.



130 - 210 watt


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