Monitor Audio Radius R180 zilver

Monitor Audio Radius R180 zilver


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Radius serie

If you can trade a little space for more bass, the slightly larger, more
versatile Radius 180 offers the same irresistible blend of virtues as the R90,
but can be installed vertically as a main, side or rear speaker, or horizontally
as a center channel speaker in a multi-channel music or movie system.

Its enhanced bass performance makes it the perfect choice as a standalone
speaker where a subwoofer isn’t required. Combined with a Radius subwoofer
however, the R180 forms part of a formidably powerful stereo or multi-channel
home cinema system.

As with the R90, the R180 is supplied with a high quality die-cast metal wall
bracket and both black and silver grilles. The elegant and optional Radius
floor-stand provides further positional flexibility.

Unique drivers designed and tooled for Radius. The new cast bass-mid chassis is
made from high-tech glass loaded engineering polymer that provides better
damping than metal and increased overall strength.
4" MMP®II. Monitor Audio’s second generation Metal Matrix Polymer cone material
now uses a high-pressure injection moulding process to achieve different
thicknesses at desired points of the cone geometry for greater stiffness and
consistency resulting in superior bass and clearer mid-range frequencies.
Magnetically shielded drivers allow Radius to be safely used near sensitive
microprocessor equipment or video displays.
High quality crossover uses high grade metalised Polypropylene capacitors for
increased clarity. High-grade air core and laminated iron core inductors give
lowest possible distortion and low insertion losses.
Specially developed high grade PCOFC internal cable is used throughout to ensure
maximum signal transfer at all frequencies and low signal resistance.
Single through-bolt driver fixing provides mechanical de-coupling and enhanced
mid-band clarity and resolution. The through-bolts also act as rigid cross
bracing to give a very solid non-resonant cabinet.
Sealed cabinet design with rigid MDF construction throughout.
Smooth radius edges reduce diffraction effects for better imaging.
Front ported design (180).
Perforated metal grilles supplied in both black and silver to match individual
decor or taste.
Specially designed die-cast metal wall bracket system (supplied) provides 20
degrees of vertical and horizontal pivoting for easy positioning.





60 - 25.000 Hz
10 - 100 watt
87 dB
Nominale impedantie
8 ohm

Fysieke eigenschappen

Afmetingen (BxHxD)
120x350x95 mm
2,3 kg
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