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Monitor Audio Gold GS10 kersen - Boekenplank speaker
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Gold serie

The GS10 re-writes the book on compact monitor performance, easily eclipsing the
dazzling standard set by its predecessor, the GR10. It may be small, but the
GS10 showcases the multiple talents that make the Gold Signature series so
remarkable. With its advanced, low-resonance drivers, rigid build and contoured
cabinet edges, the GS10 redefines accurate, low-colouration sound in a compact,
stylish stand-mount speaker. Using the new, low distortion 6 1/2” RST®II
bass-mid driver and gold C-CAM® tweeter developed especially for the GS series,
the GS10 is capable of true 3-D imaging and tonal accuracy.

Anti-resonance build: driver held by innovative zinc alloy clamp system;
traditional tongue and groove construction; extensive vertical and radial
internal bracing.
6 1/2" die-cast aluminium chassis bass and bass-mid drivers featuring a new
Rigid Surface Technology RST®II, C-CAM® alloy cone profile.
A new 1” C-CAM gold dome tweeter extends high frequency performance extends to
between 30Hz – 45kHz.
HiVe®II port design: the new port technology uses a straight rifled construction
to aid air flow and reduce turbulence.
Bespoke stands: for the GS10 and GSLCR with a die-cast alloy base (as GS20) and
cable management for a neater finish.


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