Dynaudio Sub 250 Compact zwart hoogglans

Dynaudio Sub 250 Compact zwart hoogglans
Dynaudio SUB 3 zwart satijn

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Sub 250 Compact is an ideal subwoofer for stereo, home theatre and sub/sat systems.

Precise, deep bass performance from a most compact design
The new Sub 250 Compact is the smallest high-performance Subwoofer from Dynaudio. Equipped with a powerful amplifier and a long-throw woofer, it delivers precise and deep bass from a very compact design. Available in either an elegant high-gloss black or high-gloss white lacquer finish, the Sub 250 Compact ideally and discreetly matches every room and décor. The sealed enclosure cabinet design and forward firing woofer offers remarkable bass precision and makes the Sub 250 Compact easy to position in any room.

Dynaudio driver technology delivers excellent bass quality
Featuring a 200 Watt amplifier and a 10” / 24 cm woofer, the Sub 250 Compact achieves excellent bass performance down to the lowest frequencies. As a true Dynaudio product it incorporates exclusive Dynaudio driver technology: The very light yet rigid MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) diaphragm and ultra-light aluminium voice coil ensure a precise and detailed reproduction of both music and sound effects, while the powerful magnet system, extra-large 4” / 100 mm voice coil diameter and long-throw driver design result in a powerful, deep and dynamic low frequency performance. The cubic shape, the compact size and the highly rigid MDF cabinet construction serve to reduce resonance to an absolute minimum.

Improving low bass integration with compact subwoofers
The Sub 250 Compact is the ideal solution for use in home theatres, stereo systems and subwoofer/satellite systems where only a modest sized subwoofer would fit. Bass performance can be further enhanced by using a multi-sub configuration (with two or more subwoofer in parallel). By positioning multiple subs in a room, the bass is generally more evenly dispersed; therefore reducing standing waves and room resonance – thus effectively improving the overall sound quality of the system. In most rooms, two or more smaller subwoofers can even result in an ultimately better bass performance than that achieved via one large subwoofer.

The Sub 250 Compact has a selectable mode where Sub 250 Compacts can be daisy-chained together through dedicated Slave-In/Slave-Out connections. This allows for operation of a multiple-subwoofer arrangement to achieve improved bass performance and minimize room resonance. The multiple, daisy-chained Sub 250 Compact are fed from one single amplifier output in this mode, making such multi-sub applications as easy to set up as possible.

Various inputs and settings for extensive system compatibility
The Sub 250 Compact features all the useful settings for any subwoofer setup: A selectable gain setting, a variable Low-Pass Filter (50 Hz to 150 Hz), and a selectable phase switch (0º or 180º) – all allowing one to find the best performance in any room.
In stereo systems, the Sub 250 Compact can be connected via its stereo input to the amplifier’s pre-out. If the amp only has a pre out/main in loop, the Sub 250 Compact back panel also features a stereo output where the signal can be feed back into the amplifier.

In home theatre systems, the LFE (Low Frequency Effects) input is ideal for any AV-receiver’s subwoofer output, as it bypasses the Low-Pass Filter of the Sub 250 Compact to allow for automatic speaker calibration and setup.
The Sub 250 Compact’s stereo output has a selectable high pass (Flat/60Hz/80Hz) to facilitate subwoofer/satellite applications – allowing one to mate it to any of the Dynaudio compact monitors to comprise a high quality sub/sat system, for example.




SUB serie


Type subwoofer
Vermogen (RMS)
200 watt
Diameter speaker
10" (250 mm)
29 - 250 Hz
50 - 150 Hz



Fysieke eigenschappen

zwart hoogglans
Afmetingen (BxHxD)
266x271x286 mm
7,2 kg


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